Pray for the country…

I guess maybe I’m just getting old or something.  I fear the direction in which the country seems to be headed. Such division as I’ve never seen in my lifetime, with no resolution in site.

Break-ins and beatings being performed by teens and ‘tweens’…where the hell are the parents? Is this all just a reflection of the lack of personal responsibility for anything or any action that seems to be espoused by the left?  (ie: Hillary Clinton’s new book – everything is someone else’s fault.)

I’m glad I have three dogs in the house – at the very least, they let me know when someone is close to the house…anything or anyone. I know a dog’s hearing is sensitive, but for them to when know a whitetail doe is walking past the garage on the blind side of the house when the A/C is on always amazes me!  Then, after checking the outdoor security cams, I know whether to

A: Meet the visitor with a smile

B: Call the police

C: Grab a gun, or

D: Both B and C, (or C and B, depending on the situation.) 

Pray for our country, people.


How about the news that California is headed toward a vote to secede from the US?

I have to chuckle about that one. California is broke now. When (and if) they stop to think it all through, do you think they’ll start to realize that if they secede, there will be NO federal dollars coming their way?  No road funds, no military protections, no disaster relief, ….ad infinitum? Somehow, I don’t see that lasting very long. Of course, there’s always the San Andreas fault – maybe that state will just fall off into the Pacific someday.

Alright – off the soapbox for the day! Things to do, like moving several websites to another hosting company, struggling with coding some electronic devices to talk to each other for home automation projects, (know anything about MQTT between an ESP8266 Wifi chip and an OpenHab2  server/Mosquitto server/MQTT broker running on a Raspberry Pi 3?  Drop me a note!)

Other than that, it sounds like it’s supposed to rain on & off all day…

So it goes.

 (Give my regards to Billy Pilgrim.)

One More time….

Going to try this again. I’ve done this before, and failed to update things much at all for months at a time.  I mean, it’s not like I don’t have an opinion…I very much do! I just get lazy, or distracted with a new little electronic project or something, and forget all about it.  Either way, I’m trying again.

So it goes.